The 1970 VW Beetle


This is the story of a little green VW bug that came into my life back in 2003.  At that time I had seen this little guy along the route that I travel to work every day.  One day I saw a "for sale" sign in him so I just had to go look.

He looked pretty good!  I took him for a test drive and he seemed to want to get up and go.  He had the original 1600 cc engine for '70, and the best part.  He had a gas heater PLUS a SECOND one in the back seat for spare parts.

All I could think of was SCORE!  I made a deal and took him home.  In my garage he was looking mighty fine.

But all was not as it seems...


Looking not too bad!


There is that nice heater nestled in there.


Even the interior wasn't too shabby.

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