The 1970 VW Beetle
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With a lot of time and effort, I removed the fenders, hoods, and other parts and managed to get the body unbolted from the body.   It goes to show just how light these cars are since I managed to do this all by myself.

In the air

Then I started working on the front end.  I wanted to update this little bug to things that were safer, so I opted to go with disk brakes.  There was a fair amount of elbow grease needed to clean up the front end from the starting condition.

Front before

Before shot.

After shot 

After shot.

As you can see - one side of the floor pans has been removed but not the other side.  The reason this didn't happen was because I didn't have the skills to weld the replacement pan back into place.

So - this little guy now sits.  The body is parked on the partial frame and is resting.  He is waiting for the time (and money) that I can finish the work.  Learning to weld and getting the right equipment is in my near future.

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