Student Handbook

Philosophy of Education


It is our goal at Sacred Heart to strive to develop each student into a whole, complete person.  Each human being is composed of three parts -- The mind, the body and the soul.  These three are so interlaced that to be come a complete person all must be developed.  Therefore, to achieve this our objectives are:


The Mind:

  1. To provide courses and curriculum that will allow each individual the opportunity to grow to his potential.
  2. To provide those services necessary to prepare the student for the next stage of his life.


The Body:

  1. To offer those programs that will give each student the opportunity to participate and to develop physically.
  2. To teach life long recreational skills.


The Soul:

  1. To offer as an integral part of the curriculum, courses that will teach Catholic doctrine and encourage Christ-like attitudes.
  2. To provide the student with opportunities for religious expression and guidance.


By striving for these we hope each student will be able to face adulthood with confidence - in himself, his abilities, his faith and his future.


Graduation Requirements

Montana                      Sacred Heart

Requirements              Requirements


English         4 credits    English        4 credits

Math             2 credits    Math            2 credits

Soc. Studies 2 credits    Soc. Studies 3 credits

PE                1 credit     PE               1 credit

Science        1 credit      Science       1 credit

Electives       6 credits    Fine Art       1 credit

                                    Religion       4 credits

                                    Electives      5 credits

                    -----------                         -----------

Total            16 credits   Total           21 credits