Rules - Regulations - Policies



Tobacco: The use of tobbaco in any form on school premises is not permitted.  At fine of Five(5) dollars will be levied upon those who violate this rule.  The money will be deposited into an Endowment Fund.  Repeated violations may result in suspension or expulsion.

Alcohol:  Any student in possession of or under the influence of any illicit drug or alcohol shall be subject to immediate suspension from school and may be readmitted only after a review by the school board.

Vandalism:  Any student who at any time destroys any school property will be responsible for replacing and/or repairing the damage.  A student may also be subject to suspension for his or her actions.

Food:  All food items must be consumed in the Parish hall.  Pop must remain in the area immediately around the pop machines.  Food and pop are never permitted in classrooms.

Halls:  The key word for the behavior in the halls should be courtesy.  At any given time during the day some students will be scheduled in classes while others are not.  This means that these students in the halls should as a matter of courtesy, try not to distract those who are in class by loud talking, running, etc.

Testing:  Room 109 has been designated the testing center.  It shall be used exclusively for the administration of tests.  No books, notebooks, or coats are permitted in the room.  There shall be no conversing with other students in the center.

School Dances:  The normal closing time for all Social events will be 12:00 midnight.  Everyone will pay the full admittance price each time they enter the dance.  Therefore, each time someone goes out they must pay to get back in.  The sponsoring group must provide chaperones for each dance.  If the dance is open to students other than Sacred Heart Students, the sponsoring group must obtain as chaperones parents of CCHS students.  The number of chaperones required is 2 sets of SHHS parents and 2 sets of CCHS parents (if necessary).  Any dance open to more than SSHS students must also be supervised by a police officer, whose fee will be paid by the sponsoring group.  No police service will be required for formal dances.

Purchasing Procedures:  No purchases shall be permitted without a purchase order signed and coded by the superintendent.  All purchases must be documented in the minutes of each club or class.  All purchases for club and classes must be approved by the sponsor of that club or class.  The white copy of the purchase order will be taken to the merchant where the purchase is made.  This authorizes that merchant to charge the merchandise.  A receipt or charge slip from the merchant shall be returned to the superintendent.

Attendance:  A student's attendance at school is necessary for educational development.  Education should have the highest priority in the life of the student.  Therefore, to assist students to maintain this sense of priority, the following attendance policy will be in force at Sacred Heart:

  An absence from class regardless of the reason is detrimental to the student's development.  Therefore, the maximum number of absences that a student may have in any one class is equal to 20% of the number of times that class meets per semester.

Honor Hours - Open Campus:  Ordinarily students must be in the building during the entire school day.  However, those students who feel that they are well caught up in all classes may apply for release from school during unscheduled time.