A Studebaker Reference Guide

General Tips

This is a list of general automotive related tips/tricks:

  • Oil aluminum to aluminum threads to prevent cross threading.
  • Put a bit of hand cleaner on the hose and nipple to slide rubber hose onto fittings.
  • Use ribbon or Teflon tape to seal threads of flat hose fittings.
  • Use brake cleaner to degrease general areas - be careful of painted surfaces
  • Use terminal grease on external snap together wiring connectors to keep out moisture.
  • Spray cast iron parts with liquid wrench to prevent rusting after washing - blow the parts dry before spraying
  • Driving your car with a dirty air filter can increase fuel comsumption by 10%.
  • Change your fuel filter every 10,000 miles or as recommended by your owners manual.
  • Before applying double sided tape - clean the area with alcohol first to remove any oils or dirt.
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